The Ethereal Pentagram

World's First Desktop Simultaneous 5 Axis CNC Machine

The Ethereal Pentagram

The Pentagram has been designed to be the world's first desktop simultaneous 5 axis subtractive manufacturing machine. Equipped with the capabilities of machining a plethora of materials, the Pentagram is poised to disrupt the manufacturing industry.

Pentagram has been made keeping in mind both industrial and hobby users. The Pentagram is a one stop solution for manufacturing smaller moulds, machining wax, etching PCBs, cutting precision parts and creating novelty products. The machine is compatible with a wide range of designing softwares ensuring easy operability of the machine.

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Desktop Size

Designed and engineered to occupy minimal floor space.

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5-Axis Simultaneous Kinematics

5 axis simulatneous movement to help reduce machining time.

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High Accuracy Drive Mechanism

Achieved through utilization of highly accurately calibrated ball screws and linear guide rails.

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Encoder Feedback

Ensures zero by-pass of machining code.

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Dedicated PC-Based Controller

Real time monitoring and control of the machining job in progress.

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User Friendly Interface

Ensures easy operability and aids in quick familiarization with the machine.

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Z Probe

Facilitates auto tool height compensation.

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Multiple Tool Support

Permits employment of various tools to machine a spectrum of materials.

About Ethereal Machines

Ethereal Machines breathes by the mission of churning out entrepreneurs in the engineering world. Our machines are built to invigorate, nurture and embolden an engineer while unbridling the designer’s freedom to create. Ethereal Machines brings about a conjunction between additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques.

The experience gained over the years through manufacturing CNC Routers has helped us command technical strength and expertise over the field. Technologies that have the potential to create large-scale impacts have always consumed us and shaped the direction of our work over the past few years. Our team of engineers strive everyday to refine the shape of the manufacturing industry, lesser the burden of capital costs of machineries and increase user friendliness of CNC machines.

Our mission is to solve problems related to manufacturing faced by industries, engineers and makers through our CNC Routers and aid the growth of small-scale and mid-scale entrepreneurs by equipping them with affordable machines.

Based out of the startup hub of India, Bangalore, Ethereal Machines caters to clients across various fields and helps them establish successful businesses. Our clients range from some of the well renowned industries in India to the best maker-spaces as well.

Ethereal Machines is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Ethereal Machines is also recognized as a start-up under the ‘Start-up India’ and ‘Make in India’ scheme by the Government of India.

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