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Compact Simultaneous 5 – Axis CNC Machining Center

Compact 5-Axis CNC Machine


Introducing our next generation Ethereal HALO (Simultaneous 5-Axis CNC machine) with a Carousel Type ATC that features a 12 Tool Magazine with a 2.2 kW High-Speed Spindle. A Pocket-Friendly CNC Machine that is Easy-to-Use while maintaining Industrial-Level Accuracies. Ethereal HALO is ideal for MSMEs & SMBs looking to upgrade their capability from 3-axis and 4-axis to 5-axis operations that include both indexing and simultaneous functionalities.

HALO provides opportunities for a wide range of applications from light to heavy-duty manufacturing ideal for Automotive & Aerospace, Molds, Tool & Die, Dental, Wax, Plastic, Precision Part Cutting, and other industries requiring High-Accuracy machined components.

Halo ISO Cropped

Technical Specifications

  • Size: ø230 mm
  • X – AXIS: 220 mm
  • Y – AXIS: 365 mm
  • Z – AXIS: 260 mm
  • A – AXIS: -30° to +110°
  • C – AXIS: 360°
  • Power: 2.2 kW
  • Speed: 30,000 rpm
  • Tool Changer: 12 Tool Carousel
  • Tool Interface: Taper ISO 20
  • Length: 2 m
  • Width: 1.4 m
  • Height: 2.4 m
  • Weight: 3500 Kgs

Why Choose Ethereal HALO?

Product Highlights

The term “5-axis” refers to a machine’s ability to simultaneously move a tool or a part in five different axes. On a 5-Axis CNC machining centre, the tool moves across the Z linear axis and the table rotates simultaneously on the X and Y linear axis and A and B rotary axes. You process a part from 5 directions in a single setup.

Ethereal Machines continues to improve its products with its customer in mind. Our 5-Axis CNC machining solutions help in the cost-effective manufacturing of complex designs. Investing in a CNC machine like Ethereal Halo will make an enormous difference to your business’s efficiency, productivity, and most importantly to your bottom line profits.

Asset 31

Compact Footfrint


Designed and engineered to occupy minimal floor space.
Asset 35

5 - Axis Simultaneous Kinematics

5 - Axis Simultaneous Kinematics

Simultaneous 5-axis movement to help reduce machining time.
Asset 36

High Accuracy Drive Mechanism

High Accuracy Drive Mechanism

Achieved through utilization of highly accurately calibrated ball screws and linear guide rails.
Asset 37

PC - Based Controller

PC - Based Controller

Real time monitoring and control of the machining/printing job in the progress.
Asset 38

Multi - Material Support

Multi - Material Support

Flexibility to machine numerous Non-ferrous materials & Plastic materials.
Asset 39

Automatic Tool Changer

Automatic Tool Changer

Carrousel type ATC function that features a 12 pieces tool magazine.

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