Top 3D Printing Startups in India

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The firm specialises in manufacturing of 5 axis CNC milling machines and 3D printers. Ethereal Machines combines subtractive manufacturing and additive manufacturing which reduces high costs and risks. As a result, this technology enables the user to machine complex shapes efficiently in a single set up.

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Print Wars: Attack of the Clones

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The top patent filers for 3D printing in India are the multinational companies from the United States, followed by European companies, and few domestic applications. “The top foreign filers include Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, XYZprinting, 3D Systems, CC3D LLC, and Renishaw,” A S says. “While most of the local filings are from institutes such as the Indian Institute of Technology, some are from start-up companies such as Tvasta Manufacturing solutions, Ethereal Machines, etc.”

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Helping India Breathe: Ventilator Manufacturing During Covid-19

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With Amaya, a simple ventilator splitter, Ethereal Machines is preparing India to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously, Ethereal Machines has addressed challenges for clients in the medical field, dealing with creating implants, prosthetics and similar medical devices. However, as Covid-19 reached India, the team began speaking to senior doctors to understand key areas of concerns. The overwhelming response they received highlighted the shortage of ventilators.

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49 Indian Startups working on COVID-19 get ACT Grants

49 Indian Startups working on COVID 19 get ACT Grants

The 49 Indian Startups working on COVID-19 get ACT Grants were dabbling with ideas in care-giving, prevention, testing, data collection, mental wellness, and vaccine research have received funding from ACT Grants. Startups such as Mylab, Ethereal Machines, Infinite Analytics, 1MG, Sattva, HFNC devices, Housejoy, Portea, and Goodera have received backing from ACT Grants. A grant was also provided to Bharat Health Stack’s Swasth app, which is focussing on taking telemedicine to a national stage.

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[Exclusive] 49 Indian startups working on Covid-19 get ACT grants


ACT Grants in the last few months has backed firms working on care-giving, prevention, testing, data collection, mental wellness and vaccine research. Some of the startups that received grants include Mylab, Ethereal Machines, Infinite Analytics, 1MG, Sattva, HFNC devices, Housejoy, Portea and Goodera. It also gave a grant Bharat Health Stack’s Swasth app, which has ambitions of becoming a national platform for telemedicine.

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Startups working on interdisciplinary convergence of biology, digitalisation and medication will be leaders of future

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Ethereal Machines and Big Bang Boom have been trying to fix the shortage of ventilators; Helyxon and MedloTek Health have developed innovative solutions to increase the number of hospital beds; Staqu, Adverto, Pulse Active Stations and Intugine are offering monitoring solutions and of course Mylab, a molecular diagnostics startup is working on low-cost PCR kits that speed up the detection process.

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The Crusaders: Startups Team Up With Corporate Giants To Solve India’s Ventilator Capacity Woes

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Ventilators are definitely the need of the hour. But while the Indian companies are developing their solutions, there are some others that have jumped in to offer an alternative and quick solution to use the available high-cost ventilators to its maximum content with ventilator splitters. Bengaluru-based deeptech startups Ethereal Machines and Cradlewise are leveraging their technology to manufacture ventilator splitter, which can allow a ventilator to be used by two patients simultaneously with varying needs via differential pressure splitting. Learning from western countries, the companies have focused on preventing cross-contamination between paired patients.

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