The Crusaders: 10 Indian Startups Fighting The Pandemic With Cutting-Edge Tech

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While many startups and tech companies have started manufacturing ventilators or similar alternatives, Bengaluru-based Ethereal Machines has a unique solution to meet the demand. Founded by Kaushik Mudda and Navin Jain in 2014, Ethereal Machines is 3D printing ventilator splitters uniquely designed for managing two patients with different ventilatory needs via differential pressure splitting.

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Coronavirus pandemic: Startups pitch in as India races against time to produce ventilators

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Bengaluru-based Ethereal Machines has also pitched in with its own efforts to enhance ventilators which are a crucial device in the fight against COVID-19. Since the virus attacks the lungs, the ventilators can provide breathing assistance to patients in an advanced stage of the infection. But India does not have a sufficient number of such devices. Media reports peg the total number in the country anywhere between 17,000 and 57,000. Ethereal Machines is creating splitters for ventilators thereby enabling them to provide support to two patients at the same time.

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#StartupsVsCovid19: Meet The Six Startups Backed By The Action Covid-19 Team

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Currently, India is facing a huge shortage of ventilators. As per rough estimates, India has around 40K ventilators with many of them even not in working conditions. With the number of coronavirus cases increasing each day, the demand for ventilators is going to increase in the near future and 40K of them might not prove to be sufficient enough. To meet the demand of ventilators, Bengaluru-based Ethereal Machines provides a ventilator splitter uniquely designed for managing two patients with varying needs via differential pressure splitting.

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How 3D printing startups are helping the fight against covid-19

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Bengaluru-based tech startup Ethereal Machines has created a ventilator splitter using 3D printing. Already tested at Aster Hospital in the city, the splitter can split the supply into a 50-50 ratio to provide oxygen from one source to two patients. In cases where one patient’s condition is worse than the other, the startup has created a differential ventilator splitter which can split the oxygen supply into 30-70 ratio.

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These techies are 3D printing ventilator splitters for Covid-19 patients

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A Bengaluru-based deep-tech start-up, Ethereal Machines, is addressing the problem to some extent by enabling the existing ventilators to cater to the different requirements of multiple patients, depending upon their criticality. The Blume Ventures-backed firm, which specialises in technologies associated with computerised numerical control (CNC) machining and 3D printing, has come up with an innovation to augment the capacities of existing ventilators, in dire circumstances. Simple 3D printed splitters that divide the supply of oxygen into two halves have been tried out successfully in Europe.

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The Future Of Design

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At first glance, Ethereal Machines seems to be just another start-up: it was founded in a garage in India’s start-up capital Bengaluru by two engineers fresh out of college. Dig deeper and the story reveals different hues. Unlike most Indian start-ups, which take the services route, Ethereal Machines, co-founded by Kaushik Mudda and Navin Jain, is in the manufacturing space. And, in less than four years, the two have made a mark internationally for their innovative thinking.

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